Fighting with Mean Girls: Loma Linda VA Eligibility

It is interesting to see the reaction on social media when this subject is divorced from My Illness. Having been kicked off Employer Sponsored Health Care Insurance in January 2004 for Exceeding FMLA Allowance for my Illness, and then kicked from COBRA for excessive Cost and exceeding overall Lifetime Benefits for Insurance Risk & Liability in February 2004, I spent 12 years without Care. The reason? Cost.

Treatment Costs require Financial Income, which is jeopardized by excessive Employment absence during Treatment. The Catch 22 of Affordable Health Care.

I began searching in 2013 for Insurance Coverage when it became clear I would have to “Do Something About It”, and I encountered the California Exchange. I figured I would hedge my bets with the VA Claim I filed in June 2013, just in case. But in April 2014 I found myself on Employer Sponsored Health Care. The required offering of $150/paycheck was being sacrificed to the Insurance Billionaires as defined by the ACA.

The first time I thought about actually cancelling the Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) was June 2015, eleven years after I first put the DNR in place. I had an unbelievable piece of paper in my hand which not only validated my claims of having Served in the Air Force, but that paper also validated that I was in fact Diagnosed with Stage 3 Endometriosis at the age of 21 in 1988.

After 26 years, multiple Claims, and repeated accusations that I never Served in the Air Force or any Military Branch, my Records were found, all of them. Endometriosis, PTSD, the shredded Hands, all of it.

I had left Los Angeles County and applied for VA Benefits in 2013 while on a Contract which had an On Site Requirement in Santa Barbara.  After 5 previous attempts:

  • 1991 – Los Angeles VA, no record of Enlistment;
  • 1992 – Los Angeles VA, only a DD214 on record;
  • 1994 – Los Angeles VA, I am now Male & Not Eligible for Gynecological Care;
  • 1999 – Los Angeles VA, no medical records on file, Still a Male; 
  • 2004 – Long Beach VA, no medical records, but DD214 in VA matches DD214 I posses and there is no way to fix the Gender Error.

I literally gave up, again after 2004, and walked away from any VA Claims. My records were locked away somewhere and they weren’t coming out anytime soon. Then in 2008, my Enlistment & Discharge became an Issue when I began Identifying as a Veteran on Employment Applications and Human Resources Data Records.  It was MGM Mirage Resorts Human Resources who, through an inquiry from a Business Unit Director, told me that I was in possession of a Fraudulent or Forged DD214.

Two years later in 2010, while on Contract with CLEAR Wireless, I was consistently asked Are you Trans? I could not figure out what kind of insult that was supposed to be, until I got access to eBenefits in 2015.

In 2013, my Mother, under the Influence of FOX News, began badgering me about VA Benefits I was Entitled to. The same old arguments of missing Medical Records and Fraudulent Papers ended with me agreeing to visit the Small Santa Barbara Veterans Service Office. What I learned there in 2013 was a Microcosm of the overall Administrative Issues with the VA, Two Federal Employees, sitting side-by-side in the same office, literally would not look up information for each other, nor communicate Veteran Eligibility Information to each other. They literally ran all Communication to-and-from Each Other through the Veterans Service Officer in the Building across the Parking Lot – I am not even exaggerating. The VSO plowed through the issues and got a claim started and sent up through the process.

I still believe the only reason I got an award letter 2 years later is because a Federal Employee either died or retired. It is the only explanation. My records and files must have sat in some Federal Employee’s desk for years, and as each successive co-worker opened the desk drawer, they became more and more afraid, year over year, of losing their Pay Check. They never even considered running across the actual subject of those files stuffed in the drawer. Then came Me.

I was so naïve, and the Loma Linda VA Eligibility Team took full advantage of me on every level.  No matter what I did or said I could not get access to care. I had a Compensation & Benefits Award Letter, I had money direct deposited into my Bank Account every month, but I could not get past Eligibility and I could not figure out why.  When I got that letter, I immediately checked into access for Cedars Sinai, through either Los Angeles VA or Long Beach VA, however there was nothing even close. With Stage 4 Endometriosis, gone Pulmonary Post Hysterectomy, there are not a lot of Pharmaceutical options and even fewer surgical. So the only hope I have for any care is a Cedars-Equivalent. Hello Loma Linda University Hospital. At least at this facility, I was closer to Researchers who might have some amazing break through, right? This is the only reason I chose Loma Linda – the Medicine, the Physicians, the Nurses who have seen every horror, the Specialists who get excited about a difficult case they can break, the Phlebotomists who are familiar with Rolling Veins & Paper thin skin, the X-Ray Technicians who are not surprised or intimidated by Missing Internal Organs. These are the reasons I chose the Jerry L Pettis Veterans Hospital at Loma Linda.

Had I not been diligently monitoring every interaction, every notice, and every communication from 3 Government Agencies at State & Federal Levels, I would have missed what Linda and her Team did to my Data between October 1 2016 and November 15, 2016.

In the Private Sector, not only would I have had Linda and each of her team fired, I would be hauling them into Civil Court for the Defamation and Slander. But they are Federal Employees, so this is far more personal than anything you or I could imagine. The only weapon of defense I have is Humiliating the Managers and Directors appointed by Elected Officials who allow Linda and her team to continue to suck off the Tax Payer, and murder Veterans.

I mean to be forced to change my appearance just to get access to Health Care because the Eligibility Manager is convinced you hold a forged Award Letter? That has to be the ultimate in exerting Abusive Control, in dragging it out for 6 months (July 2015-December2015).

When I talked to Friends, Acquaintances & other Veterans, no one believed me at first. It wasn’t until October 2015 when one of my Friends had me “try again” and texted her from the time I arrived to the time I left. She was flabbergasted at the responses I was given.  At the time, the Loma Linda VA was diligently squashing all news reports of the September 4, 2016 Veteran Suicide as too graphic to report on the event. Since it didn’t make the news, very few people knew about the tragic event and the Denial of Health Care for the Veteran. Again, so Naive.

I did not know in November 2015, that the Loma Linda VA Eligibility Team abusing me at the Jerry L Pettis Loma Linda VA Health Care System, was the same team which pushed a veteran to suicide in the Jerry L Pettis VA Hospital Parking Lot barely a month earlier on September 4, 2015. No one did.


I also did not know that, at the same time I was trying to secure Health Care, a million dollar settlement was paid out in May 2015 for a Veteran Beaten to Death by the Loma Linda VA Police while undergoing Dialysis in 2011.  Same Eligibility Team halted the Veteran’s procedure, forcing the VA Nursing Staff to leave the Elderly Veteran in a chair with a needle in his arm for 3 hours because no one from Eligibility would authorize the Removal of the Needle, and any Medical Personnel who dared to do the right thing would be immediately terminated by the Iron Fist of Barbara Fallon. The Women in Eligibility at Loma Linda, ordered the Loma Linda VA Police to kill the Veteran and the Loma Linda VA Police followed orders. I did not know any of this when I arrived with my Compensation & Benefits Award Letter, because I was so focused on the Medicine, the Physicians, and the Researchers, and the Women’s Program (that I had been talked into by a VA Women’s Program Recruiter who convinced me to Register). I believed there was Magic Star Trek Medicine inside the VA Women’s Program. (If you don’t get that reference we can not be friends.)

When I first applied for Health Benefits with my VA Compensation award, I was Marilyn Blonde, Executive Level Senior Program Manager. In other words, I managed, hired, fired and assigned work load to Women just like the Eligibility Team. Their disrespect of me in July 2015, September 2015, November 2015, and December 2015 was infuriating. It would take nearly 2 years to figure out why Linda the Eligibility Manager and her work crew were so hostile to me: All of the Executive Level Project & Program Managers, and nearly every Woman in a Management Role in Loma Linda VA is Blonde, like me. Dresses in sharp executive Designer Suits, like me. OnaBlondeJuly2015These petty women blocked my access to Health Care intentionally because I look like their Boss. But I didn’t know this in 2015, so again, being naïve, I tried to beat them at their own game and changed my looks.

I cut my hair and tried to get it back to the Auburn I was on the Flight Line while wearing Fatigues. That didn’t work, for many reasons. OnaBlondeBackNov2015

I spent a lot of time reflecting on my image. What the fuck am I doing? I am pursuing Health Care that I neither Want, nor Need?  Everyone knows I am at the end of the Medical Road, there is no other treatment that will magically make be “better”. But there might be, because this is Government Health Care, the CDC, the NIH, there could be some magic research available, so I owe it to my self to try right?  Besides which, there was someone inside the VA who was altering my Data Records. The only way to get close to those changes was to actually exist inside the system.

By Thanksgiving 2015, my Close Friends were INFURIATED. It was so blatantly obvious that I was being Discriminated against BY WOMEN of all people! They pressured me over and over: Keep Going Don’t Stop! So I kept on trying, engaging with the Eligibility Monsters and their Pinched Ugly Faces yelling at Old Veterans and disrespecting any human who entered their field of vision.

Finally, December 2105, I died my hair Black with Blue undertones and that was the key. OnaBlackJan2016That’s when the Eligibility Employees at the Intake Counter actually talked to me, sure they snapped at me and sure they grabbed my paperwork like I stole it.

That’s when I met Linda the Eligibility Manager who came to justify and excuse how I had been treated over the previous 6 months. She tried so hard to explain how I was wrong, that what ever paper work I had was invalid because they have a System which states I am not a Veteran, I might possibly be a Dependent, and I am definitely NOT Service Connected. OnaBlackDec2015

When I showed Linda the physical Compensation and Benefits Award Letter, she literally went into a Panic. She disappeared behind a locked office door for nearly 30 minutes. I had to knock on the door to get my letter back. Linda and another Fat, Old, Pinched Faced, Nasty Woman sat me at a desk and began peppering me with Questions:

  • Where did I get this Letter?
  • When did the Letter Arrive?
  • Who is my VBO? (I don’t have one bc they are worthless, I have an attorney)

Linda and the Fat Old Ugly Pinched Faced Woman sent me back out to wait. Another 30 minutes and Linda came out to tell me that she can not verify my Award Letter because no one is answering the Phone. She literally told me that my Award Letter was Fraudulent until someone in Loma Linda Eligibility could verify the Authenticity.  This is what the Manager of Eligibility told me – not a clerk, not a technician, not a secretary or receptionist – the Manager of the Department accused me of holding a Fraudulent Award Letter.

This Linda held my Award Letter for 10 days. When she mailed it back to me, she addressed the envelope to “Maureen Hopke” – Linda literally could not be bothered with my correct name, once she discovered that she and her entire department just made fools out of themselves.

The physical hoops I had to jump through to get past this Eligibility Department, and the continued Vendetta, Hostility, and Active Abuse in the year since I gained Access is unreal. Linda and her Work Team are holding an Active Grudge and continuing to harass, bully and malign me.  Their latest attack?

Linda and her Work Team changed my Service Connection to Non Service Connection and then sent that information to the Social Security Administration.  (LomaLindaIdentityTheftReport-PDF)  The Loma Linda VA Eligibility Team told the Social Security Administration that my Disability Application is Fraudulent: No Service Connection, No Veteran Status.

That’s right, Linda and her Team are continuing the Grudge over my Veteran Status and my Service Connection – From November 2015 to today, May 2017.

These Employees were and have remained on staff since September 2015, when a Veteran committed suicide in their Workplace Parking Lot. They have already proven that as a Group, the Eligibility Department in Loma Linda, is Deadly, and a direct threat to Veterans in San Bernardino County. These callous females truly paint the Veteran’s Suicide as a Workplace Violence Issue and have no conscious or humanity to even consider their role in the Veteran taking his/her life. They are seeking PTSD Treatment because they witnessed the natural conclusion of their vicious actions. It’s mind boggling right? The Murderer demanding Mental Health Care to deal with the fact that they actually Actively took part in Murdering someone with their Abusive Behavior.

With men the Federal Employees can use the “I feel threatened” line with Law Enforcement and it works to their advantage. But with Women? It is blatantly obvious that the threat Women Veterans pose to Federal Employees is a direct assault on their Financial Income. Women know more than any other demographic in the Country how devastating and life shattering the loss of Financial Income truly is. Especially Women Veterans.

So when the Loma Linda VA HealthCare Eligibility Team goes running to Law Enforcement shrieking about their personal safety, what they are really saying is that they are guilty as all hell and know their Federally Protected status as an Employee is under fire – on a personal level.

I really am coming for Jobs – specifically the Women in the Eligibility Department.  The Personal Vendetta they have against me is more than obvious after two full years of festering some perceived slight or public embarrassment of being caught abusing a Veteran. The fact these Women specifically changed my Status in the Loma Linda VA Health Care Status a full year after accusing me of holding a Fraudulent Award Letter is a direct, targeted, and entirely Personal Attack.

Transmitting the Defamation to the Social Security Department Case Review to cause my Application to be Rejected, shows intentional and directed Financial Harm. The Eligibility Employee KNEW exactly what SHE was doing, and SHE knew the Financial Harm SHE was causing me to experience. Her actions were intentional, deliberate, malicious and specifically directed at Financial Harm. Make no mistake, I have been informed that the Federal Employee who changed my Service Connected Status to Non Service Connected Status has been Identified. I am told “it’s fixed”, but I still have a Court Date in July 2017…. maybe. Maybe it will be August, or September or who knows? All that really matters is that this Identified Federal Employee intentionally & successfully caused me Financial Harm.

I will see Linda Terminated, stripped of Federal Employee Protections, and left to wither on Unemployment.

I will see the Employee who changed my Service Connection Status and Transmitted the Information to SSDI, Terminated, stripped of Federal Employee Protections, and left to wither on Unemployment.

And anyone who tries to Protect them will have to worry about me – because I intend to be a part of Linda’s Appeal Process the entire way through – I want the Board to be fully educated on the Viscious Abuse this woman has inflicted on Me, and countless other Veterans in San Bernardino County.

Below is a screen shot of an Internal VA Memo – this might explain why Loma Linda VA Eligibility is in such Chaos and why these Monsterous Callous Women are allowed to Abuse Veterans at Will – they have no leadership! Barbara Fallon has been running 2 VA Systems, so naturally the Incompetant Cheerleaders who Flunked Math will take advantage.

Then I showed up.



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