Endometriosis & The Politics of RU-486

Trump Names Hard Core Pro-Lifer To Key HHS Post – RedState

I specifically chose a Conservative Pro Life publication to share this information. There was really only one on my trusted Apple News Feed…. go figure.

This HHS appointment has significant implications for me personally and my on-going Battle with Endometriosis. There were several points along the timeline of my Illness when a particular Drug was in the Research Phase for use in Women’s Health Care, particularly Endometriosis, where the resulting drug could have changed the course of my illness, and thereby my life.

In 1988, I was officially diagnosed with Endometriosis Stage 3 by USAF Physicians at Shaw AFB. At the time, “laser surgery” was in it’s infancy and the Laparoscopy & Laparotomy procedures had just begun to spread in popularity for out savings and recovery efficacy. My case of Endometriosis was too far along to benefit from surgery in 1988 or 1990. Danocrine was the only option and I went on a 6 month treatment while on Active Duty.

In late 1989, at one of my last consultations while on Active Duty, the physicians informed me that I would have a better chance in a Clinical Trial, but other than Motrin & Birth Control Pills, there were no other FDA Approved Treatments for my illness.

By 1991 Endometriosis returned with multiple, painful, ovarian cysts. Through the subsidized Employer Health Care Insurance, I found a surgeon at Monterey Park Hospital who had extensive experience with Endometriosis. He performed my 2nd Laparotomy and helped me qualify for the TAP Pharmaceuticals Lupron Depot Clinical Trials.  I was approved for the 9month study.

Lupron Depot Clinical Trial – FDA Data  – Reference ID 3075539

In 1994, when I admitted to a Pasadena Gynecology & Fertility Specialist again covered by Employer Insurance, that I was doing everything I could to get pregnant despite not having a husband, he speculated that the constant ovarian cysts were actually inseminated eggs which travel outside the uterus and die.

By 1996 the promise of RU-486 was on the horizon – a potential cure. The studies were showing a 55% efficacy in control groups.

Science Direct

Medline Plus

Enter Charmaine Yoest.

Between 1991 and 1996, Yoest championed a campaign against any use of RU-486, because the Abortion Pill killed Healthy, non-diseased Women who were aborting pregnancies.

You read that right. The drug which showed 55% efficacy in reversing Endometriosis was pulled because Healthy Women were abusing the drug.

It as the Clinton Administration which allowed Restricted Use of the 2 primary components of the drug to be used for Breast anger (Tamoxifen) and Endometriosis (Mifepristone).

There was one catch: Access

Yoest expanded her campaign against RU486 to place significant hurdles and burdens of proof to get within Prescribing range of Mifepristone if you had Endometriosis. The Panic Environment which continually hyped the Abortion Deaths and a 45% “fail rate” kept the drug away from the Middle Class College Educated Woman its Endometriosis. If she had Breast Cancer, she needed to be on the Death Bus before she could get access to Tamoxifen.

And now she is blocking access for the next generation. Not only has Endometriosis Diagnosis been on the rise, the cases of Stage 4 are increasing faster than before. With a woman in a position of power having a knee-jerk emotional response to all things Abortion, the risk of Blocked Health Care Access has the potential to ripple the Millennial Generation.


Image Courtesy of Wikipedia


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