Endometriosis – Real, Ridiculous

Endometriosis Awareness, Day 13 – “What is the most ridiculous, face palm moment, in your Battle with Endometriosis”

December 8, 1999

(Tuesday) Woke up with cramps. Discovered rectal bleeding around 11am- go to Cedars-Sinai ER at 11am.
Dr. Carter Conwell is contacted by telephone by the ER doctor, Dr. Frankel.
Conwell begins the phone conversation by asking what the trouble is. As I begin to tell him what’s happening, he interrupts me and says he was disappointed to hear from his nurse that I am reluctant to start the Lupron treatment. I asked him how the Lupron would affect the rectal bleeding. He response:
“We are running into complications here… If you won’t agree to the Lupron, there’s nothing more I have to offer you” and hangs up the phone.
I am now without a private doctor, having been denied and dumped by Dr. Carter Conwell, while still awaiting treatment for rectal bleeding in the ER. The ER doctor (who admits he has absolutely no idea how to treat Endo) examines me and reports that I have a small rectal fissure. I ask him if it’s normal for clots to pass through a fissure. He gives me a perplexed look and says “sometimes”.

To understand my relationship with Lupron, you must go back to the Clinical Trials for Endometriosis conducted by TAP Pharmaceuticals in 1991 – the trials which allowed TAP and subsequently Abbot, to dominate the Endometriosis Space with a Chemotherapy Drug.  Because I was placed in the 6 month Test Group, I was administered my Lifetime Allotment of Lupron in 1991.  By 1999, I was consistently being pressured into another 6 months of Lupron, despite my protestations to my physicians.  The resulting Emergency Room Scene actually happened. It is neither made up nor exaggerated. In fact, it is written far less Dramatic than what actually happened.

Here is the Take Away for you Today, March 13, 2017:

This is still happening to Women today in Physician Offices & Emergency Rooms across the Country.




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