Endometriosis & The Affordable Health Care Act – Final

Endometriosis & The Affordable Health Care Act

Endometriosis and the ACA Part 1

Endometriosis  and the ACA Part 2

Endometriosis and the ACA Part 3

So it’s been a long hard Journey from my last Endometriosis & the ACA Update in 2013, and quite a bit has occurred.

First and foremost, I need to stress that I never got past the application portion of the California Exchange for Health Insurance, Covered California.  It was the Linked In Drive By that sent me into a furious rage that had me on the phone and emailing various Government Privacy Offices, one of which being the Veterans Administration Privacy Officials.

During this phase, June 2013 to April 2014, a Health Scare occurred: the symptoms of another Pulmonary Cyst appeared, this time in my Right Sinus and Molar, which sent me researching dental implants to stop the Pulmonary Endometriosis.

Because of the Drive By and the Health Scare, two significant milestones  became crucial:

  • the first Milestone was my decision to push the envelope with the VA and the Department of Defense by Opening yet another Claim for Health Coverage (remember I was diagnosed by Military Surgeons at Shaw AFB); and s
  • the second Milestone, the Consulting Position I had contracted went to a Full Time Permanent Role, and I went on Employer Sponsored Health Insurance. This was just in the nick of time to meet the ACA Deadline for Coverage.

The Privacy Violations continued to a point where I can say it was a DOXing. While I have been stalked, harassed and DOXed for my online presence over the years, this is the first time my battle with Endometriosis has been “hacked”. What enraged me the most was that over the years I have been chastised time and again for being too graphic in my struggle with the Disease.  That I need to “tone down” the lived experience because it is so off the charts of the average Endometriosis Experience, that it is literally terrifying. So to have anyone question the reality of my Online Presence makes me more than indignant.

Suddenly on June 1, 2015, out of no where, a check from the US Treasury arrived. I had no idea what it was for, until a letter arrived the next day explaining that my VA claim for Service Connected Endometriosis was approved for both Monthly Compensation and Health Care Benefits,  From August 1990, six months after my Honorable Discharge, eighteen months after my last surgery in a Military Hospital as an Active Duty Airman, until June 2015, I was denied every inquiry, every claim for Veterans Benefits. Let me be clear that while I received compensation each month, it took from June 2015 to December 2015 before I could secure the proper approvals for actual treatment.   The Denial of Services continued as my Real Lived Experience, while Legally on Record, the VA entered my Medical Coverage Date as June 2015. But that is an entirely different Blog.

It was also in June 2015 that my Mother died in a traffic accident. Then in August 2015 my Service Dog of 15 years died. I channeled my grief into rage and pursued my VA Claims, Secured my Benefits, and submitted Testimony with Dates and Locations of each Active Duty Diagnosis to Appeal the June 2015 Decision.  I used Facebook to update my progress, leaving the Blog alone. All of my updates were purposefully worded to be aggressive, provocative, and insulting.  It wasn’t just Validation I was after, it was the Pursuit of Criminal Charges against the Employees and Organizations which violated my rights under HIPPA. The trail of Evidence I left in my wake: recorded phone calls, surveillance video, the blatant and obvious Social Engineering of the Veterans Administration, is fresh, available, well witnessed and well documented.

By January 2016 I found an attorney who specialized in VA Claims, and I began forcing my way into VA Programs at Loma Linda VA Hospital. After writing out my Personal Statements for the VA Claims, and submitting to both Veterans Administration and my newly assigned Primary Care Physicians, I discovered no one could read it because it was so harrowing. The process had me pulling apart the piecemeal Memoir Manuscript and filling in details I never spoke about, wrote about, or even mentioned because the experiences were so outrageous.

The Loma Linda VA Eligibility Department worked diligently to prevent both my Healthcare Coverage and my VA Identification. Despite having a Service Connected Compensation Rating on record in all VA related Databases, the Loma Linda VA Eligibility not only insisted that I was a Dependent Spouse (not a Veteran), they also insisted the Database was wrong and that I was not rated as Service Connected. The effort invested by the Loma Linda VA Eligibility Department to prevent me from receiving Healthcare was extraordinary. I literally had to use Social Media to shame them, after I gathered all of the required documentation in hard copy (yes, paper) and presented it at the Eligibility Desk.  It was as bad as the Health Insurance Drive By, only worse. The Privacy Violations had lead to a condition where the Eligibility Department refused to acknowledge my status without hard copy physical proof.

Keep in mind, the Employees within both the Veterans Administration Nationwide, are the same Employees as the Health Insurance Industry. The same women and men who were surfing my LinkedIn account are the Peers and often times former Co-Workers of the Employees within the Veterans Administration. Instead of Administering Health Care Benefits, these Employees were continuing the Gossip, Rumors, and Privacy Violations that came to a head in October through December 2013.

It took until June 2016 before my VA Compensation, Rating, and Healthcare were finally settled, and the level of Medical Care was restored to the levels I remembered from Active Duty.  Make no mistake that the Trifecta of Social Media, Legal Representation, and Medical Documentation was the determining factor. Keep in mind this all started with the ACA Mandate for Healthcare Coverage, in a system which I already sued all the way to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, for a pre-existing Disease which was diagnosed and treated by the United States Military

The educated Liability Experts reading this blog are literally in a panic at this point. Now that it is well established by the Veterans Administration that both Endometriosis (diagnosed first 1988) and Post Traumatic Stress (diagnosed second 1989), were pre-existing prior to my 1991 Laparotomy with Reconstructive Myomectomy followed immediately by Lupron Depot Clinical Trials, the shifting in Liability from one entity to the next over a 25 year period is blatantly obvious and it all starts with Privacy Violations within the Veterans Administration dating all the way back to 1990.

In the next 60 days, my Memoir will be published. My editor is currently stressing out over Technical Glitches because I am resisting Microsoft Word, and keeping her locked in a proprietary tool. The experiences related have never been published online, as the majority of my Endometriosis Struggle occurred Pre-Internet. What has been Public and available online since 1999 is my Struggle, and Failure, to send Endometriosis back into Remission.  In other words, the Publicly Available Memoir only covers half the Battle.  Again, Liability Experts are wringing their hands at the prospect of Damage Control, and Minimizing the Experience as Normal Healthcare Business. But whether it is Commercial Health Care Insurance & Coverage or Veterans Health Care Benefits, the fact that my Health Care Experience will be Normalized should frighten everyone.

I am not done with the Veterans Administration, the Health Care Industry, or the Department of Defense for the financial damage, the reputation damage, and the irreparable damage done to me personally over a 25 year period.



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