Endometriosis & the ACA – Part 3

The LinkedIn Drive By

On October 5, 2013 I used the Covered California Health Care Exchange to send a question via the email provided requesting Plan Coverage and Rx Formulary for the Health Net Bronze Plan, specifically asking for the Plan Coverage as it relates to Endometriosis – what exactly is covered, what coverage is provided for Lab Tests and other Diagnostic tools and of course the Formulary for Prescription Drugs.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 7.18.19 AM

From October 5 until November 1, there was silence. No follow up email or phone call – just a black hole of nothing. I made the incorrect assumption that my email was deposited to an inbox on a server that no one opens. I was wrong!

On November 1, nearly 4 weeks after I sent my email and just 4 Days before the 30-day window closed on the date of my email, my LinkedIn profile lit up with people from the “Health Care Industry”

“1 Month Ago” = November 1, 2013; approximately 4 weeks after my email inquiry.

LinkedIn DriveBy HealthNet

“3 Weeks Ago” = November 11, 2013; approximately one month after my email inquiry

LinkedIn DriveBy HealthCare

The privacy violations are unbelievable. I knew it was going to be bad, but I am shocked at the magnitude.  For a country which is so paranoid about what data is transported where and who has access to it, the sheer blatancy of the acts by individual Employees – my peers – is astounding.  As of December 1, I have not received a single reply from my inquiry. And I am not sending another.  I am going to leave this here and wait for them to come back via Social Media to declare the problem solved. Now at December 27, with the sign up deadline come and extended, then extended again and now passed, not a single person or electronic communication has come from my inquiry.

It’s not only my “peers” who are violating HIPPA Laws and invading people’s Privacy, but the very systems designed and used to secure our Personal Data is programmed to be mined for data.  It is mind boggling to think how little our general society values their Privacy…. until it happens to me… I mean them.

The story about the Dog receiving a qualifying letter for ObamaCare was used as Political Fodder. The Media did a great job of turning the incident into a joke. But the situation is a dire message to the rest of us – those Security Questions you filled out for your Health Care Exchange User Profile are being mined, processed, stored and then fed back to you in the form of a Sales & Marketing campaign.

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.17.43 PM

It’s not even an issue for the HealthCare.gov site, they have no obligation or incentive to keep your information secret or private.  While most people believe that means “hackers”, what society as a whole forgets, is that it also applies to those who have access to the Data Bases in some form or fashion and can read your Data un-encrypted.  I just tried asking a question about the Health Plans, and my Privacy was violated. Can you imagine what would happen if my “peers” got hold of information sensitive to my Private Life, like my Health?

There is no way the broken Machine that is Health Insurance will ever have sway over my Health Decisions. The fact that these Thieves and Liars are allowed to administer the ACA is a travesty.

In the Capitalistic mind set of “Buyer Beware”, buying a Health Plan without having access to the Coverage is pure folly. There is not a Money or Finance Manager on the Planet that would allow their Corporation to enter into a Transaction such is being presented by the current iteration of the ACA and this Health Insurance Fraud.

But let’s get back to LinkedIn and the Health Care Industry Drive By.

This incident, or series of incidents, only prove my disdain for the Health Insurance Industry and the Employees who keep the Machine running.  We are talking about Health Care – Medicine – Prescriptions – Treatment. Instead of answering my question, the Employees at Health Net set out to “discover” my identity. I got no reply, no information. These 2 employees, my “peers” who are a Project Manager and Program Manager (like me), used my email address to set off on LinkedIn to “find me”.  One would like to think that they were trying to better understand my question or some other noble reason for the Drive By.  But after nearly 60 days of complete silence, it was not a helpful violation they committed, it was pure Gossip and nastiness. I don’t even know these people, never heard of them before in my life, and here they are cruising my LinkedIn Profile instead of sending me the Health Net Plan Coverage.

Can you imagine being in a Medical Crisis and instead of receiving Medical Care, the people who are being paid to administer the Health Care you pay over $600 per month to use are busy mining your Personally Identifiable Information and sharing your Social Media or Professional Profiles on the Internet? You will literally “Bleed Out” in the Emergency Room while the person being paid to organize and communicate your coverage eligibility is instead cruising your Twitter account.

It really does come down to this: the ACA as it is Administered today is nothing more than legalized Insurance Fraud.


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