Endometriosis & The ACA

I am entering the maze of Health Care once again by exploring the ACA this week.  I have been very critical of the ACA because of the Health Insurance focus of the bill.  There are still aspects which trouble me, such as limitations in coverage for certain treatment protocols. I will be navigating the coverage for California because that is my Home State.

I first started researching costs in 2011, when the ACA Insurance Exchanges for Nevada and California opened.  It was appalling. At the time, there were specific “PCIP” coverage plans, but the scope of coverage was laughable for the cost.  Incredibly high prices, with high co-pays and ridiculous deductibles.  I checked again in 2012, but there was little to no change.

Here we are in 2013, and I will attempt again.

I have an update as of Thanksgiving 2013. 

I will be taking the train for travel for the next few weeks, and will have both internet access and time, which means I can now pursue some of the information I have gathered since I began exploring the Covered California Site.  I have not gone to Healthcare.gov to explore, and really, I’m not going to. Here’s why:

The Healthcare Exchanges are run by the Insurance Industry. My experience with their structure and application has been nothing short of detrimental to my overall quality of life. So this Healthcare Mandate is not happening as long as they have a hand in the application of the Law.

The attorneys and corporations involved with my malpractice lawsuit, which turned into a breach of contract lawsuit is memorable to many attorneys and judges, not because of it’s merit or it’s novelty, but because at the time of settlement, which was already an insult, I was presented with a non-disclosure. My written reply was that my signature on the non-disclosure cost $1m and we had a deal. Otherwise, take the insult and shove it.

There is no way, at all, ever, that I will be subjected to the whims of a 22 year old account clerk checking off boxes while I bleed out in the Emergency Room.  Because the Insurance Provider wouldn’t just NOT provide treatment, but actually blocked the more complex coverage I needed at the time. In other words, because I was covered by an HMO and not a PPO I couldn’t even buy medical services if I tried, and when I did it bankrupted me.

So, in the weeks to come, I will be outlining how I became so ill and how the Insurance Industry did every thing in it’s power to keep me from becoming well.  It’s not pretty.  The details have been publicly published on this blog for years.  The trail is long, the Data Back Road now a Highway and my story firmly packed into the pavement of the Data Stream.

I was so looking forward to the ACA. I was a proponent of the Law and was a fierce defender of the Movement. I admit he got my vote in the last election BECAUSE of the ACA.  But this? This is not what I signed up for. It’s not what I defended online. It’s not what I stood up for.

The Law is a good Law. I support it fully. But I want Healthcare. If I am paying $600 a month for a policy, the only fee I pay for any medical treatment is the valet at the front door. Period.

Why do I feel so entitled? In the weeks to come I will fully define why.

It comes down to so many women with Endometriosis still being diagnosed at Stage IV. It’s not acceptable, and the Insurance Industry can not be involved with or have control of a Woman’s Reproductive Health.  We are not Cash Cows.



2 thoughts on “Endometriosis & The ACA

  1. I dunno . . . MY bible has a passage in it about the Good Samaritan. MY bible reads “Love your neighbor as yourself.” MINE advises us “As you treat the least of these, my brothers, you have treated me.” So denying health care coverage to has become the mantra of the right-wing GOP, including Evangelists! What kind of family values is that?

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