2011 ACA Cost Research

From “Time For a New Campaign” 2011

I have been researching the cost of Endometriosis, based on several insurance options now available under the Affordable Care Act.  It is utterly ridiculous.  Wealthy people and financial investment professionals would laugh at these scenarios.  As per all of the estimates I have been researching on HealthCare.gov, the Pre Existing Condition Insurance (PCIP) is laughably unaffordable.  The insinuation of the Affordable Care Act and the Insurance Administrators of the PCIP is that women with Endometriosis should gain employment and secure income for the sole purpose of feeding the Medical Mania a monthly ransom of $700-$1000.

Average Premium Cost per month for a single person 45-54:
$499 (x12 months = $5988)

Annual Deductable: $1500-$3000

Without an office visit or treatment costs, the annual cost for health care is $7988, or roughly $670 per month.  Health Care for the cost of monthly rent on a small apartment in an Urban area, or about half the average monthly mortgage payment on a decent sized home.

Each Engagement with a Physician is a $25 Co-Pay.  Laboratory and Diagnosis* (interpretation of the Lab work) are both a 20% Deductable

Specialty Drugs, such as Lupron, are $300 per prescription.  Add to that cost the of the office visit for shot administration and the average 3-month round of treatment for Endometriosis is $975

*It should be noted that the diagnosis of Infertility is not covered by the PCIP, and as long as the Preservation of Fertility is considered “Infertility Treatment” Endometriosis will not be covered, at all.  For women under 30, the Political Fight over Birth Control will severely impact their ability to manage the progression of Endometriosis at low cost.


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