A Return to the Castle

For as long as I can remember, I have referred to Bunker Hill in Los Angeles as The Castle.

I think it is because, when my Grandfather had retired and was a Tour Bus Driver 3 days a week to curb his endless boredom and to fund the cost of the bricks for the fireplace at the Cottage, he told me that Bunker Hill was the real life version of the Disneyland Castle, also known as Cinderella’s Castle.    

Keep in mind that this was the story he told me when Disneyland was sitting in the middle of nothing but Orange Groves.  The Disneyland of 2011 is nowhere near the look and feel of the Disneyland of 1972.  And neither is Bunker Hill.

Over 30 years after he told me that story, the Disney Concert Hall makes the fantasy a reality.

At the moment I am dreaming of a return to the Castle on Bunker Hill.  Specifically California Plaza I & II …..

LA Museum of Contemporary Art (*drool*) ….

Disney Concert Hall (yes it’s worth it) ….

Dorthy Chandler Pavilion/Mark Taper Auditorium (worth it only if you pay for Valet).

If you are a corporate drone, grinding away at the 9-5, M-F life that is the Project Manager, Bunker Hill is far and away one of the Top Two – yes I said 2.  While you are grinding away for the Corporate Beast, you are surrounded in Beauty.

The view from Cal Plaza in every direction above the 10th floor is simply amazing.










In addition, the hassle of traffic and commuting is completely removed with the Metro – The Rd/Purple lines connect to every Metro Line in the system, including Rail, making getting to Bunker Hill very easy.

I have never been happier than when I spent 60 hours a week on Bunker Hill!


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